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The Coordination of Institutional Journals (CORI) is highly receptive to possible complaints against its journals, their editors-in-chief and editorial boards, and CORI’s own operative personnel.

In other sections, the procedures to be followed in the event of disputes between authors, editors and reviewers have been outlined. In the event of such a dispute, what is established there must be followed. It is also recommended that the editorial guidelines of each journal be consulted on its respective website.

Journal readers can file possible complaints or appeals regarding improper conduct of those involved in the various processes of editorial production through the channels available to them. If there is a complaint, it must be sent to CORI, duly founded and motivated. CORI will then review the origin of the complaint, and if it has sufficient elements, it will give an answer and a solution to it. For this purpose, it will be assisted by the General Council of Academic and Peer-Reviewed Publications, whose areas of competence are established in the General Guidelines for the Editorial Management of the Institutional Journals of Autonomous Chapingo University.

Where appropriate, the complaint or appeal may be turned over to the journal involved or to the relevant authority.